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Have you been asked to sign a non-compete?  Are you bound by one? Best to let us review it before you sign. Learn more.

Severance Agreements

While the amount of severance pay is important, it is also important that all other terms be carefully negotiated.  It’s important that you know your rights under the law before you negotiate, sign or pursue claims under an employment agreement.  Learn more

Coronavirus Situation

The Crone Law Firm has become the go-to spot for all legal questions concerning the coronavirus. From filing for the new unemployment benefits, to applying for the stimulus package, we have been on top of it from the beginning. Click here to find all of our information that we have published so far concerning the pandemic, or click the image to get our FREE COVID-19 E-BOOK FOR SMALL BUSINESSES. Completely free! Click the image for more details! 

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Business Lawyer

By putting our focus on business law, we help business owners bring more control to their business operations. We also try to help our business clients identify and solve other related problems that might be contributing to the legal problems in businesses of all sizes.  Learn More

Business Divorce

You and your partners have decided to break up.  How do you distribute assets and liabilities while protecting yourself? Learn more.

Sexual Harassment

If you have been refused employment, passed over for a promotion or terminated due to sexual harassment, your employment rights have been violated. Learn More

Overtime Pay

When employers do not pay for overtime, employees can bring a lawsuit to recover back wages that they are entitled to.   Learn more.

Workplace Discrimination

Were you fired or passed over for a promotion because of your age, race, sex, religion or ethnic background? Paid less than someone else? Sexually harassed? Learn more.

Wrongful Termination

Were you fired unfairly? Replaced by someone younger or less qualified? We know the laws inside and out. Learn more.

Personal Injury

Serious injuries can sideline you from working.  This affects your earning capacity-your ability to provide for your family.  Learn More

We represent employees, executives, and entrepreneurs

Our attorneys have decades of education and experience in employment law. Many other attorneys have barely tiptoed through the books. But since employment law is our focus, we are entirely versed and up-to-date. We are one of the few firms in Memphis and the Mid-South so highly specialized in the field. We are passionate about resolving your workplace disputes and we know the law backwards and forwards.

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