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Non-competition Agreements

In cases involving the enforcement of non-competition agreements, The Crone Law Firm has considerable experience representing both sides of the dispute.

Whether the scenario is one where an employee is a former owner who signed an agreement as a condition of sale, or the employee simply signed an agreement as a condition of employment, we understand the extensive investigation, discovery and preparation required to defend both the agreement and the individual.

It is that exhaustive front-end process that will often determine success. Based on the investigation or discovery we are able to perform, we can advise a client as to his chances of success at the injunction hearing and develop a strategy to resolve the dispute via settlement, mediation or hearing. Even in those situations where there seems to be a legitimate trade secret to be protected, by performing due diligence we often discover critical facts that undermine the claim that the material should be protected.

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You Need to Know

For individuals seeking to defend themselves against a former employer, it is imperative that you involve your attorney as soon as possible. Usually, the employer will request a quick hearing on its request for an injunction, sometimes within just a few days. The more time your attorney has to investigate the basis of the complaint, the better your defense will be at the injunction hearing.

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